Equipped with a complete and modern manufacturing system, Cosméprod manufactures various galenic forms of your cosmetic products while ensuring the best quality.

For all our products we purify water for use through a complex system composed of filters, softener and reverse osmosis. Filters allow the first treatment to remove the coarsest impurities. The water is then softened, limestone rate is reduced through a softener having an ion-exchange resin. Finally, the water passes through a reverse osmosis unit where it is filtered through a membrane. This removes more than 95% of salts and micro-organisms. The water used in our products is therefore of great purity: we reach a conductivity between 10 and 15 ĩS / m, that is to say three times purer than the conventional distilled water.

We have a flexible fleet of machines for the manufacture of different galenic forms. We can produce all types of skin care products (face cream, body lotion, lotion, scrub, etc.),

hair products (shampoo, conditioner, mask, carefully smoothing, etc.) and other cosmetics (personal hygiene, dental care …). This diversity is made possible by a large panel of technical tools.

We have a stirred tank which includes a water jacket, allowing precise temperature control and a triple agitation for homogeneity and incomparable finesse emulsion. In addition, these tools enable us to perform certain production under vacuum conditions to ensure quality control even more precise, to degas effectively, to improve texture and to reduce the risk of contamination. A second tank with a simple stirring allows for products not requiring triple agitation with high efficiency.

In the aim to permit an optimal use of our tank and so to obtain products of best quality, our minimum of production is 100 kg.

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