We dispose of a great flexibility on the formats of the packaging that will permit you to personalize all the details of your product. We can pack the different galenics in adapted formats: jars, bottles, tubes, pumps etc.

You will be able to choose the material of your packaging (glass, PET, PP…). Cosméprod is equipped with different filling devices which can be adapted to all types of format and volume.

An automatic filler with two filling nozzles allows the conditioning of jars and bottles from 30 to 300 mL. Two semi-automatic piston fillers can fill products from 500 mL to 1 L.

For the conditioning of tubes, Cosméprod is equipped with a filling and hot-air sealing device allowing a conditioning in tubes of different diameters and adapted capacity. This device has a capacity of 50 tubes per minute namely 3 000 per hour.

Once they are conditioned, the products are identified by a marking system. This allows a perfect traceability of each product. We are also equipped with a labeller and a cellophane wrapping machine allowing the delivery of finished-products ready to be commercialized. Our labeller is automatic and has a double-head and an ultrasound cell to detect transparent labels. Finally, the cellophane wrapping machine permits to finish the conditioning neatly.

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