Cosméprod has a high-performance quality service guaranteeing a product delivery in compliance with the European cosmetic regulation.

Cosméprod works in compliance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) extracted from the ISO 22716 standard which allow monitoring of the flow from the reception of goods to shipment of products.

Cosméprod ensures traceability, safety and conformity of its products thanks to a Quality Service involved during all the product manufacturing steps. Indeed, upon reception, the raw materials and packaging units are identified and controlled to check their conformity. The manufactured bulk passes through different analysis: microbiological, physic-chemical (pH, density, viscosity) and organoleptic ones to ensure that the product is identical to the expected specifications. In addition to the continuous follow-up during the production, the Quality Service also controls during packaging process.

The finished product is then controlled and liberated if  they fit with the acceptance criteria previously defined. Finally, to ensure the best condition of product expedition and to guarantee products’ quality, the cartoning and the palletization are validated by the Quality Service before loading on the transport vehicle.

Regarding our range of turnkey formulas, tolerance tests had been carried out upstream during their development in the aim to ensure a total innocuousness of our products for the human health. Formulas had also undergone stability tests in accelerated ageing allowing to determine product durability.